Friday, September 24, 2010

Ice Lines

from the series WATERS I HAVE KNOWN_Ice Lines i
Oil on paper
760 x 1050 MM (v x h)
This work is available from The Diversion


In this place, silence has a voice 
wide-ranging as the continent. 
Some say it's on the cusp 
of madness, the way it hums 
and stutters, mutters to itself 
in quietest tones. 

In this place, the universe 
brims. Inside absence,
presence. Inside distance, 
dust and our sleeping earth
dreaming beneath her thin blue
mask of ice. 

In this place, the necessity 
of memory, recollections
of a loved one's face, shape
of laughter, weight of breath. 

In this place, nostalgia 
roams, patient as slow
hands on skin transparent
as melt-water. Nights are light
and long. Shadows settle
on the shoulders of air. 

Time steps out of line 
here stops to thaw
the frozen hearts of icebergs. 
Sleep isn't always easy in this place
where the sun stays up all night
and silence has a voice. 

CB - Explorers Cove, Taylor Dry Valleys, Antarctica 2005

detail i


  1. Hi Clara ... This is so beautiful, and your exhibition so astonishingly potent and real. It is a privilege and relief to be able to see it from so far away. I wish I was there, though!
    Thank you for sharing the process and the work. Pip xoxox

  2. this is *especially* beautiful, claire...
    i stole your www. from radish's now i can luxuriate in the art of both of you, bewitchers.

  3. Dear Pip
    One of the wonders of the internet is that it allows us to enter these rooms where nothing divides us, least of all time and space?
    Thanks for your support and love over the miles. Same to you, in abundance - C xx

  4. Dear Susan
    I'm *especially* pleased to know you followed the thread on Radish's blog to here. Thank you for coming. Please come again! Love to you and your waters in Maine, C x