Saturday, October 16, 2010

Standing in the Heart

As the exhibition's opening date approached, friends from the blogging community came on board with this project, many contributing texts for inclusion in the Waters I Have Known series. The responses in Standing in the Heart - An Ocean of Words -  relate specifically to the themes of 'oceans and community'. 

You can follow the threads of this conversation by clicking on the link below -    

STANDING IN THE HEART   |   A Communal Breastplate  & Ocean of Words
Transcribed texts - pencil on gessoed paper


  1. We struggle to respond to the crisis the natural world is in. Remotely, we love to watch its awesomeness as voyeurs - touched by nature, touching it, but not really doing anything about it. I still eat fish. Should I? How can we move from fascinated admirers to actioned change agents ... to be able to make a positive contribution to the long term survival of the complex systems of our natural world. Do we have any idea either how much we depend on them, or how fragile it really is? Px Good luck, Clara - thinking of you always - your work is an awesome agent!

  2. Hi Pips - ah, thank you. We ponder such similar questions. My wish is one day to work with you on 'something', to bring our concerns together. As far as your comment "do we have any idea either how much we depend on the complex systems of our natural world, or how fragile it really is?', I suspect you'd agree with me when I suggest we need them far more than they need us. In fact, what they need from us is that we step back, unhook, pull our lines in, and then advocate by shining a light on how exquisite our natural world is. We need to allow its wonder and beauty to haunt us? You mentioned in your e- that you were sorry you'd missed out on sending some text in for the composite piece. . . please do? As I said to Melissa in my earlier comment, this series is in its infancy - I would love to include a word contribution from you? L, C xx