Friday, October 29, 2010


Penelope sent me this link this afternoon - - - accounts of the health hazards associated with Corexit. This makes for depressing reading, but how can we not?

FLORIDA OIL SPILL LAW - Documenting the Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Breastplate_It is all one water - a finger in a tide pool brings our shores together
with text by Marylinn Kelly
Oil & pencil on paper
560 x 380MM

Breastplate_And the sea on their right, how she murmurs
with text by Pamela Morrison
Oil & pencil on paper
560 x 380MM (v x h)


  1. I find this concept fascinating...I unfortunately took a break and wasn't watching this unfold. But I read your sense of blogging and how it's enriched your work...
    thank you

  2. Hello Melissa - I've been away and offline the past wee while. Lovely to find you've been back here. Thank you. . . if you ever feel inspired to write into these themes and add your lines to those that have already come in, please do? I would be honoured to include a contribution from you. (I think this series is going to keep me busy for quite a while yet.). I hope you are well and that the mischievous Turnip is behaving. L, C

  3. Hi Claire, just saw this. Great concept. Yes, we are a water planet and the greatest biodiversity is to be found in our oceans. Fascinating and sad info; sharks have been avoiding the oil spills, fish like herring are diving deeper, but the dispersant is causing more harm than the spill.


  4. Hello Artist and Geek - how great to find a message from you here; I'm sorry it's taken me a while to realize you'd been - I've been immersed in another project so haven't looked in here for a week or two.

    It's disheartening indeed to know that the dispersant is causing more harm than the spill. There are horror stories coming out now whose realities are too awful to contemplate. I'm not sure what we can do other than keep everything in the open, not supporting fear-based denials, focussing in on what needs exposing and doing what we can to make protection our plea. We will no doubt meet again over at Marylinn's! Take care and thanks for coming ; )